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Early Breast Cancer and Breast Abnormality Detection Device

Breastlight is an amazing product that allows you, in the comfort of your home, to see inside your breasts, assisting you in early breast cancer detection.

It works by shining a powerful adjustable light through the breast tissue.

It is 100 % safe and is simple and easy to use.

Using the Breastlight allows you to gain both confidence in your breast awareness routine as well as assist you in being able to detect, at an early stage, any changes that may occur within your breasts.

Statistics show that 1 in 29 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their life time. Take the time to visit each of the tabs on the top of your screen. Once having done this, you will have a clear understanding of how to use, what to look for and if nothing else, you will go away with a positive & heightened sense of breast awareness.

Breastlight is manufactured in the UK and is imported and distributed in South Africa by Medloyd Healthcare ( established 1990). Although this website is dedicated to the Breastlight, you can read more about Medloyd Healthcare and its products Here.

Breastlight Demonstration Video Click Here


What is Breastlight?

Breastlight™ is a safe, simple and easy to use handheld device designed to enhance your breast awareness for the early detection of breast abnormalities that may or may not be cancerous. It is not a replacement for mammograms but is rather a tool to assist in detecting breast abnormalities during the period from one mammogram to the next.  Successfully retailed in 67 countries, Breastlight is manufactured with the belief that every woman should have access to whatever tools may benefit them in the search for breast abnormalities. The video below will give you a clear insight into the inner workings of Breastlight and help you learn more about how you can understand and enhance your own Breast Awareness within the comfort of your own home.


Breastlight is a detection device, not a diagnostic device.  In the event that you detect a Breast abnormality when using the Breastlight, it is important not to panic as the abnormality may simply be a harmless subcutaneous cyst and not be cancerous in and way or form. It is however imperative to seek a professional evaluation by visiting your medical practitioner for further investigation and diagnosis, at the earliest opportunity. Although the abnormality detected using Breastlight may turn out to be harmless, the fact that it has been detected, gives you the earliest opportunity to solve the issue should it be something more sinister.
If in any doubt whatsoever about the results of using Breastlight seek the support of a medical professional such as your GP.
Breastlight is 100 % safe and can be used as regular and often as you desire without any adverse side effects. It uses a 100% safe LED light which shines at high intensity to illuminate the breast giving you a translucent effect which allows you to spot abnormalities easily.
Firstly let us congratulate you on your Breast Awareness and commitment to your own Breast Health. Secondly, we believe that Mammograms are the best form of detection for disease such as Breast Cancer. Breastlight should not act as a substitute for this form of detection. However, a lot can change in 6 months.  The fact that you can safely use Breastlight in the comfort of your own home as often and as regularly as you choose,  affords you greater vision and control of your breast health. What this means is that if you want peace of mind 1 week, 10 days or 2 months after your mammogram you can use your Breastlight and book in an earlier GP appointment if you find anything of any concern.

Breast Awareness

It is widely publicised that women should check their breasts on a regular basis but how many of us are familiar with the Breast Self Feel Examination routine? And what can Breastlight show that a normal hand check wouldn’t? Our Breast Awareness guide will talk you through the Breast self-examination routine and give you a clear understanding of how Breastlight could potentially benefit you.