Big or Small, Let Us Save Them All!

//Big or Small, Let Us Save Them All!

Big or Small, Let Us Save Them All!

It will Never Happen to Me

I am healthy, I work out, Cancer does not run in my family, it will never happen to me.

The infamous words of hundreds of cancer survivors all across the world. No matter your status, health, diet or workout routine, cancer has no preference when selecting its victims.

From 5 to 50, man or woman, there is always the scary thought that cancer cells could be knocking on your door.

Face the Facts

Women in South Africa form part of the largest group of women across the globe facing breast cancer.

Thousands of men and women fall victim to breast cancer at a time when it is too late to take effective action. Not seeing the urgency to visit your medical practitioner and partake in regular check-ups and the “it just won’t happen to me” syndrome are some of the largest reasons for missing the opportunity for early Breast Cancer Detection.

But if you ask me, the fear of the unknown is much worse.

What can You Do?

Regular visits to your GP and gynaecologist can help you to beat the odds and find any warning signs early on. Unlike the common cold, you cannot easily notice the symptoms of cancer with a naked eye, so regular mammogram inspections are highly suggested by both previous cancer survivors as well as by healthcare professionals.

But is This Enough?

Due to the high rise in the number of cancer patients across the world and the drive and campaigning by cancer survivors to find better ways to detect breast cancer early on, scientists and foundations have come together to find a solution.

Introducing the Breastlight

Breastlight makes use of the breast-illuminating method through LED technology, allowing you to see inside your breast tissue to identify any abnormalities, and this can be done in the comfort of your own home.

To find out more about this innovative product or to purchase yours directly, contact Breastlight South Africa here.

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