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I have lumpy breasts. When using Breastlight would I see lots of dark shadows?
It depends if the lumps are fibrous, fatty or fluid filled cysts. If so as there is no extra blood present, NO shadow will be seen. If however you see a shadow in the breast it could be a blood filled cyst, bruise or a growth. Any lumps that are causing you anxiety should be seen by your doctor or nurse.

Does Breastlight work with my implants?
Yes, Breastlight works very well with implants. It is difficult for women with implants to check their breasts, so Breastlight becomes an invaluable aid to breast awareness for these women.

I have very dark skin, surely Breastlight won’t work on me?
Breastlight works well on ALL skin tones.

I have extremely large breasts, can I use this device?
It may help if you get a close friend or partner to hold your breast while you use Breastlight, but there is no breast size restriction in using the device.

I have had a breast reduction, can I use Breastlight?
Yes, you may use Breastlight. You will notice the scar tissue is thicker and dependant on how long ago you had the reduction you may see an increased blood supply (which will show as darkened areas).

I have had a lumpectomy, should I use Breastlight?
Yes, it is fine to use Breastlight when you have had any type of breast surgery. You will see slightly thickened tissue at the operation site. It is also really important that you take care of your breasts now and check them regularly.

Why do I need to alter the intensity of the light in Breastlight?
The density of breasts varies; this is dependent on lots of factors – age; size; hormonal changes and the time of the month. The denser your breast the higher the intensity light you need. Too high or too low a setting will mean that blood vessels are not seen clearly, so try different brightness.

I am really frightened about using Breastlight for the first time – suppose I find something?
It is not uncommon for women to be slightly anxious using Breastlight for the first time. Over time you will become more aware of what is normal for you and therefore more confident that you will notice any changes in your breasts. Remember it is not a diagnostic device and if you do see any changes or are concerned contact your doctor.

If I use Breastlight regularly do I still need to look and feel my breasts for changes?
YES. Breastlight should be used in addition to your normal breast awareness routine. You should continue to look and feel your breast tissue and should always attend screening when invited.

What is the light used in this Breastlight? Is it safe?
The light is visible light of a specific wavelength from a set of LED’s (light emitting diodes). It is completely safe. You can use Breastlight as often as you like but we recommend that you use it on a regular monthly basis.

How does light show up blood in my breast?
The red LED light is absorbed by the red blood cells in your blood. This enables you to see the blood vessels as dark lines. You can monitor any changes that occur. You should look for changes such as dark areas or shadows that should be checked by your doctor.

What size will a tumour be that Breastlight detects?
In the clinical trials carried out on Breastlight tumours over 2cms were detected in the majority of cases and tumours under 2cms were detected in well over 50% of cases. Of course you have to bear in mind that this depends on where the tumour is in the breast.

Can I use Breastlight now that I am pregnant?
Yes you can use Breastlight when you are pregnant but your breasts will be changing, and receiving an extra blood supply. It is advisable to stop using Breastlight until a few months after you have finished breast feeding as your breasts will be full of milk and you will not be able to see very much. There is no harm in using Breastlight, but the results would be unsatisfactory.

Why do I need to use Breastlight in the dark?
Only a small proportion of the red light passes through the breast so you need to remove any background light to illuminate the blood vessels. The darker the room, the easier it is to use.

How often should I use Breastlight? 
You can use Breastlight as often as you like as part of your normal breast awareness routine.

Is Breastlight safe to use? 
All of the light from Breastlight is visible – there are no invisible rays and the light is completely harmless. You can use Breastlight as often as you like with no side effects.

How do I know I am using Breastlight correctly?
If you have any questions about the use or operation of the breastlight, please refer to your DVD as well as the brochure included in your Breastlight pack. Alternatively, feel free to contact our offices on 011 397 2717 or send us an email enquiry to: info@medloyd.co.za

What if I see something I’m not sure about? 
If you notice any changes in your breasts you should ask your doctor about them as soon as possible. They will probably be harmless but your doctor will be able to reassure you.

What if I feel something in my breast but can’t see anything with Breastlight? 
You should ask your doctor about it as soon as possible. It may be harmless but your doctor will be able to advise and reassure you.

What if I see something with Breastlight but can’t feel anything in my breast? 
You should ask your doctor about it as soon as possible. It may be harmless but your doctor will be able to advise and reassure you.

If I use Breastlight, should I still attend my routine breast screening? 
Absolutely YES! Breastlight is not a substitute for the routine breast screening you receive if you are aged 50 or over. It should just be used as part of your normal breast awareness routine at home.

Will Breastlight show up a DCIS lesion?
Ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS) is an early form of breast cancer, sometimes described as an intraductal or non-invasive cancer. If the cancer has angiogenesis associated with it then it should show up using Breastlight. Such lesions have been detected with Breastlight research.

Where can I buy Breastlight?
You can buy Breastlight directly from our website. Click Here to buy online.

If I have lost my Breastlight charger is it possible to purchase a replacement?
No problem at all. Contact our offices on 011 397 2717 or email your requirements to info@medloyd.co.za and we will assist you.

Can I use Breastlight even if the batteries are not fully charged?
If the power in the batteries is too low then the light will cut out. If this happens, and you want to continue your examination, Breastlight can be used with mains power  using the adaptor and cable supplied.

Why should I use a lubricant with Breastlight? 
Some women find it more comfortable to use a lubricant, which allows the lens to slide across the skin more easily. Apply the lubricant lightly over the entire breast and wipe off the excess after completing your examination. We recommend a water based lubricant; do not use an oil based lubricant as this may damage your Breastlight.

Where can I buy the lubricant? 
A wide range of suitable non oil based lubricants are available through general pharmacies.

What does being ‘breast aware’ mean? 
Doctors recommend that women know how their breasts look and feel so that you know what is normal and healthy for you. This is called Breast Awareness.