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Thank you for your interest in Breastlight.

Breastlight is designed to encourage breast awareness and help women monitor their breast health at home.

Prior to introducing Breastlight, in 2008 PWB Health conducted extensive user trials with volunteers throughout UK.

The trials were designed to assess the risk of false positives as well as the risk of false complacency. We have received and analysed results from 1087 women to date.

Of these only 1.3% went to see their GP as a result of using Breastlight. This represented 14 women from the sample. One of these was subsequently diagnosed with breast cancer.

There was no reduction in the reported behaviour in terms of other breast awareness practice or attending mammography screening.


We want all women to have a positive and reassuring experience using Breastlight.

We will be listening to all the feedback we recieve – both positive and negative – in order to improve our product and the supporting materials.

We welcome your opinions about whether Breastlight is a helpful and effective product for women to use at home so please get in touch.

Please note – we stress two very important points in our literature

Firstly – women should refer to their GP if they see anything that concerns them.

Secondly – Breastlight is not an alternative to screening mammograms or breast awareness / self-examination