How breastlight works?

Breastlight provides you with a unique opportunity to have an inner view of your breasts whilst in the comfort of your home. It is imperative that you use Breastlight in a dark room. For effectiveness and accurate results it is a must to use it in a dark room. The product works by shining a bright red light through the breast tissue. The light passes through the breast tissue and reveals dark areas where blood is present. It is therefore fairly normal to see a pattern of veins but, if there is a dark cluster, this is a potential abnormality that requires a proper visit and check up by the doctor.
Breast light can be used by women of all ages, particularly for women going through menopausal or post-menopausal phase when the compactness of the breast tissue has changed with this hormonal variation. It is also useful for women with fibrous breasts that always feel lumpy. Breast light screening device will distinguish between normal breast tissue and areas where blood vessels are present that could indicate a possible irregularity.

Procedural Explanation:

Breastlight is designed to give the maximum light transmission through the breast tissue though a small fraction of the light will pass through completely – and this is what you will see while using the product. So it should be used in a dark room for a better results. We use red light to give the best contrast and enable you to see the maximum features. The light is completely harmless and has no obscure rays. You can use Breast light as frequently as you like with no side effects.

When the light hits a blood vessel in your breast it is engrossed by hemoglobin. This makes the veins in your breasts appear as dark lines.

Malignant lumps have an increased blood supply to feed them so any dense areas may indicate an abnormality. Fluid filled cysts, however, will not absorb the light.

Early Breast Cancer and Breast Abnormality Detection Device

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