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In July 2008 PWB Health commissioned an independent market research company to carry out a  large scale study on Breastlight usage.

The objectives of the study were to assess how Breastlight was used, how it affected women’s attitude to breast awareness and breast screening and to give an indication of the frequency of referrals.

The results – 1087 women

Breastlight was well received and understood
  • 78% of women said Breastlight was easy to use
  • Breastlight was clearly seen by women (over 99%) as  an addition to their current breast awareness & screening routines rather than a substitute
Breastlight encouraged more frequent breast awareness
  • After using Breastlight, regular checkers (once a month and more) increased from 44% to 76%
  • After using Breastlight, less frequent and non – checkers decreased fom 34% to 8%
Breastlight improved women’s confidence in self checking
  • 80% were more confident after using Breastlight
 Breastlight was particularly valued by certain groups
  • Women 30 – 49 who are not having regular mammograms
  • Women with lumpy breasts
  • Women with large breasts
Of the 1087 women, 14 (1.3%) consulted a GP because they were concerned

Of these, three have had mammograms and one was subsequently diagnosed with early stage breast cancer. She has had an operation and is recovering well.

The outcome of the mammograms for the two other women is awaited.