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22/12 02:00, Zikkir

(NaturalNews) A study published in the journal Breast Cancer Research and Treatment has found that women…

21/12 17:08
, Cancer Research UK (Adfero)

The number of women attending breast screening has risen, with nearly two million accepting invitations from..

20/12 15:52
, Mail Online (Daniel Martin)

Women are still waiting months to find out whether they have breast cancer because of Labour’s failure to…

19/12 07:43
, Nursing Times

| By Clare Lomas The number of women aged 50 to 70 screened for breast cancer in the UK reached almost two…

07/12 23:59
, The Mail On Sunday

Pioneering British technology could save thousands of breast cancer patients from further surgery.

23/11 17:31
, Zikkir

After breast-conserving surgery for invasive breast cancer, women with high breast density tend to have a…

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Aim The purpose of this report is to analyse the role of fruits and vegetables in the prevention of cancer and cardiovascular disease. Introduction Recent studies have indicated strong relationship between fruit and vegetable consumptions and reduced risk of certain cancers and cardiovascular disease.

20/11 01:08
, BBC News

Scientists have identified an enzyme that is crucial for turning breast tissue into tumours, according to a…

13/11 02:11
, Scottish Daily Express (Victoria Fletcher)

A PIONEERING treatment that could help women cancer victims to re-grow their breasts after surgery is to be…

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Breast Health Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer in women, second to skin cancer.