Shedding a Light on Breast Cancer

//Shedding a Light on Breast Cancer

Shedding a Light on Breast Cancer

With breast cancer statistics soaring (please see our previous articles), women, now more than ever, need to maintain mindful connections to their own bodies and need to be plugged into support systems that uphold and care for women everywhere. Breast cancer can be an incredibly lonely road, but it doesn’t have to be. Early detection and spreading awareness can save many from having to walk a lengthy road, whilst support, love and understanding can help to motivate those already fighting.

Early Detection Saves Lives

If you are active in breast cancer awareness campaigns or if you follow related news, you’ve probably heard this phrase many times before. It is imperative that women realise how true this is. Survival rates go up significantly upon early detection. Self-examination, the use of Breastlight and regular Mammogram appointments may be the defining factor that puts you in a higher survival rate bracket by helping you to identify questionable lumps and masses earlier.

Sticking Together

Showing your support for the cause can be as simple as sharing posts or speaking about the importance of early detection on various social media platforms. Other ways to show your support and stay connected include participating in marathons for increased awareness and other events such as the ones that The Pink Drive hosts and organises. It is also important to remember and take into consideration that men are not exempt from breast cancer diagnoses – so get the men in your life involved and aware as well.


Shedding a Light

The Breastlight is a product that has been designed to assist with the early detection of breast cancer. For lumps that have been missed or aren’t reachable through regular self-checks, the Breastlight illuminates and creates a contrast for dark masses to be clearly seen in the breast. The Breastlight can be purchased online and from selected pharmacies.


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